Marble Pedestal: SUB open 24/7

With the start of this semester I’m going to take a look back to the stress of exam week. Through the cramming and crying, one thing helped me get through alive: SUB. The Students’ Union Building being open twenty four hours a day gave me a comfortable place to sleep when a computer chair couldn’t. The couches, while lumpy and short, allowed me to rest for a few hours as I took a “study break.” There were enough outlets to keep my laptop alive, even when I hardly was.

It didn’t matter what faculty I was in or how many exams and papers I had left, SUB was there for me. It accepted me with a warm embrace, and comforted me when nothing else could.

Now that the semester is new again, I may forget how SUB was there for me, but it will accept me back in April either way.

Thanks again!

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