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Gateway Playlist: End of the semester amp-ups

These sugary tunes will maintain your high for the remaining days of classes, before you are released into the beautiful abyss of winter break. From road trip jams to dance-alone-in-your-room vibes, ranging from laid-back, thick bass to staccato indie sounds, these songs will instantly boost your mood while studying for finals.

Mistakes Like This – Prelow

With its chill background beat and sly chorus, we are dipped into the world of indie meets R&B. You instantly feel more badass after listening to this.

Fumes – Eden Project

Clunky and electronic, the tone constantly shifts and it sounds like a broken video game at times. But with a heavy synth and a mature vibe, it is more of a badass anthem.

Loves The Jobs You Hate – Honne

Jazzy intro meets upbeat moany vocals, making you want to bob your head along indefinitely. Plus, with a little upright bass thrown in there, including a solo, this one is a sure mood-booster.

Til Tomorrow – DWNTWN

Silky guitar and satisfying chorus, this song is the alternative anthem to open-top car rides. It will make you nostalgic for summer time with its flowery female vocals.

Make You Mine – Family of the Year

This indie-pop band makes a infectious jam into backyard barbecue tune. Think of fresh mojitos and beach days with friends – this is the song that embodies that, as well as the pure freedom of youth.

Mess Around – Cage the Elephant

A alternative rock song has to be added to the mix, and this new release produced by the Black Keys does it for me. Spunky guitar and poppy lyrics will have you grooving for days.

Sunshine – Tom Misch

Misch’s alternative sound makes a melodic turn into contemporary jazz/rock. With its warm and delicate vibe, it smoothes over every rough edge of your life. With groovy staccato guitar riffs, it reminds us never to sweat the small stuff.

Tears – Colleagues

Think of a super catchy summer tune, and this indie rock masterpiece should immediately pop into your brain. If you love Passion Pit or Phoenix, this song and this band are your medicine.

Tigers – The Submarines

Magical and liquid synths mix well with a indie-pop basis, proven by the song right here. Its bubbly lyrics instantly make you feel as though your one true love is going to appear right around the corner.

My Type – Saint Motel

Buoyant trumpets are about all one would need to get roped into this jam. It sounds like a party, with vocals that lure you right in. Plus, there is nothing better than being someone’s type.

Burning – The War on Drugs

This song makes you want to go on an adventure. It sounds mournful at first, but after you soak in its smoothness, all you’ll want to do is sing along.

Great Summer – Vance Joy

A happy, tingly piano tune paired with Joy’s rustic vocals, it reflects on the sweetness of summertime. It’s not summer anymore, but we all still wish it was.

To The Top – Twin Shadow

Foggy layers of sound make this seem irksome at first but drum machines bring the catchy tune to life. Plus, it was a pivotal song in the film “Paper Towns”, so you are obliged to love it.

Electric Indigo – The Paper Kites

With their singer-songwriter background, this band surprises with its most recent album. Lush and intimate vibes radiate from this tune with dirty guitar and heavy drums mixed with a soulful sound.

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