Burlap Sack: Tai Lopez

I googled Tai Lopez recently, and one of the first search results simply read: “what does Tai Lopez even do?”

That’s a good question, I thought to myself. Aside from posting some rather obnoxious and over-the-top self-help advertisements on YouTube, is there anything else he’s known for?

After scanning Google for over five minutes, I still didn’t know, and frankly, I think that’s more of a strike against him than me. I don’t give a shit about his books, his house, or his car. I don’t care that he seemingly got to where he is by reading a book a day. I’d go on, but I usually skip his YouTube ads as soon as I possibly can.

Speaking of those ads, they’re usually over five minutes long. Speaking from a personal standpoint, I have a very short attention span when it comes to YouTube ads, so the fact that Lopez thinks enough of himself to assume that people will be willing to sit through a five-minute YouTube ad of himself talking really rubs me the wrong way.

The one thing I do remember from his ads is that he apparently got where he is today by reading a book a day. I’m surprised that none of those books — in all of their infinite wisdom — never told him that five-minute long YouTube adds are not the best way to sell yourself.

Get off my computer Tai, you’re not wanted.


  1. Those 5 minute ads obviously worked. You think highly enough of yourself to think you know advertising better than him.

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