Group Commentary: Tim’s or Starbucks?

Pick your poison.

Tim Hortons

Being part of the new blood on campus I’ve spent the majority of my time aimlessly rewriting notes, doing my readings way too early and scoping out every possible place on campus that sells coffee. Ever since I started working at Starbucks, I’ve become the girl who complains way too much about every latte I ever drink and somehow I’ve convinced myself that no barista knows how to make a proper latte other than me.  So, as a die-hard Pumpkin Spice fan, where do I get my coffee fix on campus? Obviously Tim Hortons.
At the Tim Hortons in CAB, you are getting a medium coffee, and a bagel for $3.50. At Starbucks, you’re getting a grande coffee and a bagel for $4.41. In only three weeks, I’ve noticed my coffee consumption has skyrocketed, so at this point I’m scrapping the idea of quality and making the financial choice here. Sure, the lines at Tim’s are a lot longer than Starbucks, but by standing an extra five minutes, you’re saving about $100 per semester (calculation based on one coffee and a bagel per day). I originally thought I would tank and miss the smooth, crisp True North blend, but Tim Hortons has a killer medium roast coffee (and if you’re willing to spend a little extra – the French Vanilla is where it’s at).
I still love you Starbucks, but only when my partner discount can be applied. Damn campus franchises. — Akanksha Bhatnagar

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons reigns over and above Starbucks any day of the week for me. Similar items with little or no significant differences are priced differently between the two fast food chains. This to me is absolutely outrageous and arrogant — why would I go to Starbucks to get a Tall Caffe Mocha and an Old-Fashioned Grill Cheese which will total approximately $9.00 when I can waltz to Tim Hortons and get myself a cheap Grilled Cheese Panini and a medium Café Mocha which will amount to roughly $6.50?

Also, the lengthy line up at Tim Hortons presents itself as an opportunity to kill time and relax from the intense university schedule. I sometimes just want to spend time doing nothing but listening to music on my phone while I wait in line to give my order. Also, it is a perfect avenue to make friends — you can easily strike up a conversation with the person either in front of you or behind you as you both wait in line. Seriously, it works.

Apart from the dark coffee and chocolate croissant offered at Starbucks, I prefer the taste of items at Tim Hortons over those of Starbucks. There is nothing more frustrating than splashing for one slice of a Banana Nut Bread only to discover that it tastes disgusting. Tim Hortons also has a larger variety of snacks (apple fritter, Boston Cream, Timbits, etc.). — Floyd Robert

Tim Hortons

Let me start off with the obvious — Tim Hortons is a Canadian staple. Starbucks wasn’t founded by a Canadian ex-Toronto Maple Leafs player.

You also don’t need to have a doctorate to order. You just simply walk up and say “Hey, give me a double double.” Or if you’re feeling a bit more luxurious, ask for an English toffee or a French vanilla. Simple as that. Forget having to remember all the complicated and obnoxious names from Starbucks and head on over to Timmie’s. I think the lines in CAB speak for themselves. — Luis Ossa Arango


If Nicki Minaj asked us “UAlberta, what’s good?” Starbucks would probably experience overwhelming cries of loyalty that would make it smile, wave, and shed a tear — all while graciously accepting half of a paycheck and an I.O.U for some poor unfortunate soul’s firstborn child. Sorry Tim Hortons, if you need some comfort food I hear your Timbits are where it’s at.

Call me a white girl — you wouldn’t be wrong — but my voice rings loud and clear in support of Lady Pumpkin Spice Latté. There’s just a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about sipping my daily wakefulness from a cup whose seasonal pattern is so impressive that I wouldn’t mind it hanging above my couch. What can I say, I need my coffee to compliment my outfit, and that means Starbucks. The only thing that rivals the atrociousness of Tim Hortons pattern is the line you have to stand in to get one. I can’t even deal with the thought of it.

If coffee-brand loyalty is a religion, I’m preaching Starbucks day and night, not just Sundays. There’s always room at my table for my beloved best friend. Tim Hortons, I’m sure have a great personality, but you can’t sit with us. — Brenna Schuldhaus

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  1. Tim Horton’s all the way. Tim Horton’s is not only significantly lower in calories (an oatmeal raisin cookie contains 210 calories, an oatmeal raisin cookie at Starbucks has 290) and glaringly cheaper, it’s just damn straight better coffee. There’s also a much wider variety of snacks and goodies. Starbucks customers also tend to be more pretentious, down to their silly unnecessary names. No, Starbucks, ordering a “venti” coffee does not make you Italian.

    Second Cup is great too though for a splash-out treat. I’d insist it’s better than Tim’s except for regular coffee but is more expensive.

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