The Burlap Sack: Styrofoam Opa!

What the fuck, Opa!? I mean, your fries are delicious and your lamb wraps are next level, but what on earth inspired the change from compostable paper containers back to landfill-clogging Styrofoam?

It’s bad enough that SUB is the only building that has compost bins in the first place, and that Opa! used to be one of the only restaurants that offered a compostable container. It’s shameful that they reverted to Styrofoam, no doubt because of reduced expenses.

Though it’s easy to bitch about this now, Aramark likely won’t re-alter their packaging to something friendlier for the planet. As such, take the lovely people of SUB up on their offer: grab one of the re-usable plates in SUB. While enjoying your delicious calamari platter, you can take solace in the fact that you are saving baby polar bears.

One Comment

  1. I work for at one of the OPA locations and know that they are not trying to reduce costs, but in fact are having supplier issues and have to use the current RECYCLABLE PRODUCT you are talking about. We have been told that they hope to have this problem rectified soon. In the future you should qualify your information before you make such bold statements….

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