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Battle Royale: Best fries on campus

1 Comment 10 October 2014

By: Kieran Chrysler, Oumar Salifou, Jennifer Robinson, Parker Ali

Since we at The Gateway are constantly on campus, we’re always looking for greasy food to put in our mouth-holes. French fries are always a fast and easy food to pick up, but where are the best ones?

While this list is in no way comprehensive, these are outlets that are open latest, have speedy service and are “student-priced.” 

Jennifer Robinson
Oumar Salifou
Parker Ali
Kieran Chrysler

Opa! (SUB)
Average Score: 4/5

They have good spice, but they feel like cold hot dogs. They’re too limp. The tzatziki included though is a definite perk.  –JR

The spices are nice, but they should be crispier. But the tzatziki makes it seem like they care about us. –OS

I like the sauce and the seasoning, but they should be more firm. There is the perfect amount of potato peel on the fries. You don’t have a full edge. It’s just accents of peel. –PA

I’ve had them when they’re better, this time they’re too soft. I love the spices with the sauce though. –KC

Marcos Donair (SUB)
Average Score: 2.8/5

These are too crispy. They feel like they were in the deep fryer for way too long. They aren’t spicy enough for the texture. They’re perfect drunk fries. –JR

The spices are a lie. You see the spices, but you can’t taste them. They’re medium crispy but when you start chewing they get chewy. –OS

They’re really crispy, but they’re till too greasy. I can see the spices but I can’t taste it. The crispiness fails to permeate the outer layer of the fry. The consistency belongs to a curly fry. –PA

I think they would be good poutine fries. I know they’re supposed to be softer when they’re poutined, but these would keep it from being mushy. It would give it a lot of texture too. By themselves they’re meh though. –KC

New York Fries (HUB)
Average Score: 3.75/5

They taste homemade. It’s like you held them beside the ocean and they got the tiniest inkling of sea salt. –JR

They have a really different taste in the sense that you can taste the potato. A lot of crispy edges, but they don’t influence the inside fry texture. I found myself when I had these fries. –OS

I like the hard edges. When I chew it it’s like I’m putting a rectangular prism in my mouth. I like that feeling.  –PA

You can actually taste the potato flavour. They aren’t bothering with spices. But I think they make their fries to have stuff put on them –KC

Average Score: 1.8/5

They’re just so meh. If mediocre had a fry, it would be this fry. They’re like the Sandra Bullock of fries. They’re not bad, but they’re not good. –JR

The potato overpowers everything. The crispiness isn’t handed to you, you have to find it. It’s like a potato journey. That ends in mediocrity.  –OS

Though we have no delusions about all these fries being machine cut, this fact is all too clear with this contender. The potato skin has such a layer of oil over it, but I can’t taste it, which is disappointing. –PA

The crispy outside cushions the soft, pillowy potato inside. The texture is amazing. But if you chew them slowly, then you get a vague taste of old deep fryer. Like they’ve definitely cooked fish in that deep fryer.  –KC



One Comment

  1. Andrew says:

    Wow, you totally should have tried Rodeo Burgers, they have some of the BEST fries in Edmonton.

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