August 18, 2014
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SU Presidential candidate William Lau disqualified, pending DIE board appeal

Michelle Mark
News Editor
Mar 12, 2014

Students’ Union Presidential candidate William Lau has been disqualified due to third-party campaigning, after the Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association posted campaign photos and posts advocating for William Lau on a Renren page on Feb. 26 and March 6.

The Chief Returning Officer’s ruling declared the Renren page a “private site equivalent to a mailing list,” and therefore against due process of the rules outlined in the elections nomination package. The ruling also states Lau did not appropriately “distance and disavow” himself from the third-party campaigning by contacting the CRO about the matter.

Lau was fined $403.70 for the third-party campaigning, therefore exceeding his campaign budget by $200.32 and effectively disqualifying him.

Lau submitted an appeal March 11 which will be heard before the Discipline, Interpretation and Enforcement Board on a date to be determined. The appeal argues that the Renren post is a social media post, similar to Facebook, rather than a mass emailing.

Lau said he found it interesting how the posts were declared third-party campaigning, when candidates’ platforms and websites have been shared via social media by students and student groups throughout the campaigning period, without issue.

“I was really confused why this was flagged and not everything else was flagged,” he said. “I don’t see this as campaigning. I see this as someone endorsing me, sharing a post that was approved.”

He added that he’s somewhat confident he’ll win the appeal, but he’s frustrated that no action was taken until elections results were announced, despite the CRO being aware of the issue beforehand.

“It is really disheartening,” he said. “That’s an area I wish was communicated a little more.

“If rules were broken, then that’s the process. That’s the system.”


Honestly? That breach is….about as nit-picky as you can get. I mean, I get it, rules are rules, but lets say you cast a re-vote right now, even in the light of this issue, he’d still win the vote.

The man knows how to brand himself. He knows how to reach out to the students and connect with them directly. That’s what everyone voted him in on.

And saying RenRen is like a private mailing list means that every single person in this race who has followers on facebook should be charged.

On a more sidetracked note, I wish I could get 10 cents for every twitter follower

Posted by Some Dude on Mar 12, 2014

I had never heard of ren ren…
Googled it. First hit: social media site known as a Chinese copy of Facebook.

Can’t see how this is any different than Adam Woods’ constant Facebook posts, and pictures of people holding up white boards.

Ridiculous, I’m appalled that the CRO would equate this to a personal mailing list instead of classifying it as what it is, a social media site.

Posted by Mike on Mar 12, 2014

Frequent user of renren and got some opinions. First, it is absolutely impossible to make an email list and sent message direcly to the email list in renren.The email address is strictly protected and it is not displayed to public and even friend. The site mail list is more tolerated however, personally as a follower of the CSSA, I have never receive any message about the SU election. So I think the SU should release more details about the mailing list issue.

Second, these posters are posted by the Chinese Students and Scholars’ Association, not william himself. so did the CSSA ever get his permission to post these campaign posters? Again, the SU should also release more details about the investigation, not the conclusion.

Anyway, just find someone knows Chinese to do this investigation, using the google translation will never give you the most accurate result.

Posted by Charles on Mar 12, 2014

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