June 9, 2014
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Research takes steps towards artificial motion with ReWalk

Brad Kennedy, Arts & Culture Editor

For more than 86,000 Canadians living with a spinal cord injury, the struggles of daily living can often feel insurmountable to tackle alone. But what if those injured Canadians had access to a fully-functional robotic exoskeleton, capable of returning to them the one thing many of them miss most: their mobility?

Devonian garden wins award

Collins Maina, Gateway Writer

The University of Alberta’s Devonian Botanic Garden proves that harsh northern climate is tamable when it comes to the garden business.

New playwright to showcase theatrics at U of A

Dylan Hanwell, Dylan Hanwell

Colleen Murphy was recently announced as the University of Alberta’s new Lee Playwright in Residence, bringing a distinct writing style and unique approach to theatre.

SU dishes out new microwaves

Collins Maina, Gateway Writer

Filthy, broken microwaves and waiting in long lines to warm packed lunches on campus may now be a hot topic of the past.

Board of Governors — June 20, 2014

Richard Catangay-Liew, News Editor

The Board of Governors approved the creation of a Land Use Agreement, which will allow university lands to be transferred to third parties for housing and commercial development.

Lower-level SUB renovations to be done by mid-Sept.

Richard Catangay-Liew, News Editor

Students won’t have to deal with the unpleasant sounds of saws, power drills and hammers coming from the Students’ Union Building basement much longer.

Group of four applying for U of A presidential position

Andrea Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Richard Catangay-Liew, News Editor

In what started as a joke, four East-coast professors are now seriously applying together for the single position of the University of Alberta’s next president and vice-chancellor.

Prof secures highest recognition for an engineering educator

Shandi Shiach, Opinion Editor

A University of Alberta visionary has won the Medal for Distinction in Engineering Education from Engineers Canada.

Computer program could help fuel RCMP arson investigations

Richard Catangay-Liew, News Editor

Arson is probably one of the most challenging and time-consuming cases analytical scientists face. But a new computer program developed by University of Alberta researchers and the RCMP has the ability to shorten and simplify the problem solving process.

Electrochemical paper to detect lethal pathogens

Collins Maina, Gateway Writer

A research project gaining momentum at the University of Alberta has the potential to change the world’s view on how harmful bacteria in food and water are detected.

New safety video could prevent tragedy on campus

Richard Catangay-Liew, News Editor

A new educational video depicting an active shooter on campus aims to make “get out, hide and fight” as universally known as “stop, drop and roll.”

Bike lending library gears up at new location in SAB

Adrian Pearce, Gateway Writer

If you ask students which libraries they frequent on campus, they will most likely point towards Cameron or Rutherford Library. Not many will tell you the Bike Lending Library and Workshop is the first one that comes to mind.

University notifies all CCID users to change their passwords

Cameron Lewis, Sports Editor

The University of Alberta has initiated a university-wide password change to combat the potential dangers of the online security virus known as Heartbleed.

SUB Microstore ceasing operations

Andrea Ross, Editor-in-Chief

The University of Alberta’s Microstore will close June 30 after almost 30 years in business.

Teenage depression may have effect on future love life

Andrea Ross, Editor-in-Chief

Your moody teenage years could be to blame for having to sleep on the couch last night — new research from the University of Alberta has found negative emotions from young adulthood can affect relationships 25 years down the road.

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