August 18, 2014
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Retracted: Karen Leibovici article

Gateway Staff
Gateway Staff
Sep 18, 2013

Editor’s Note: In an opinion article published in The Gateway’s September 18, 2013 issue titled “Karen Leibovici’s race for mayor a conflict of interest,” the article stated that The Medicine Shoppe, an Edmonton-based pharmacy business, is a business owned by Katz Group Canada Inc.

In actuality, the Katz Group agreed to sell this pharmacy franchise to the McKesson Corporation in January, 2012. The Gateway takes full responsibility for the misinformation that was published in this issue and truly apologizes for any confusion it may have caused. In actuality, there is no direct connection between Edmonton mayoral candidate Karen Leibovici and Katz Group Canada Inc.

This publication will use greater care in the future to ensure such regrettable mistakes do not occur again and promise to publish stories at the quality expected of a student newspaper at the University of Alberta.


Before we totally tar and feather the Gateway and this author, let’s have a look at the backdrop here. This is not an example of yellow journalism (although the author’s bias is rather clear) but a matter of inadequate research. On the surface, it would be easy to overlook the McKesson deal because it is more of an issue for the retail drug world than an item for public consumption.
That being said, the stink of conflict of interest, though not as overpowering as portrayed by the article, is nonetheless wafting in the air. There is no arm’s length disassociation here, only a realignment of ownership. Katz may not have direct control over Leibovici’s husband but their association is hardly severed. These sharks still swim in the same pond and, as a result, what’s good for Katz is equally good for Stephen Zepp.

Posted by Fritz Kropfreiter on Sep 19, 2013

If its any consolation, Karen read the article.

Posted by Hologram on Sep 19, 2013

Hoping to hear from the author about his thoughts on the retraction?

Posted by Jamal Jaffer on Sep 19, 2013

Seems a lot like a technicality to me, deserving of a retraction of fact certainly, but the point of the article still stands. all in all, would have made an excellent article with slight adjust,EMTs for certain fact checking. As for the bias, it is an opinion article ams therefore is not only entitled to be biased, but also encourages to do so.

Posted by JM on Sep 19, 2013

Really?, just because the Katzenjammer Group no longer owns Rexall, do we really believe that Leibovici and her husband ended all ties with the Katzenjammers?

Posted by Roy C Andrews on Sep 21, 2013

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