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April 9, 2014
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New Three Lines Free Submission

Want to enter our 3LF contest? Excellent! You can find the submission page here. Please note that any submissions here are not considered entries for the 3LF contest.

Got something hilarious you'd like to say? Want to talk about a missed romantic connection? Recite shitty poetry? Bitch at your pain-in-the-ass roommate in secret? Gripe about the class you're in at the moment? Take potshots at your bus driver? Complain about not getting laid? Or got something else on your mind? Send it to us with the form below.


The Gateway reserves the right to edit submissions for length and clarity, and to refuse publication of any submission it deems racist, sexist, libellous, or otherwise hateful in nature.

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Last Day of Classes | UAlberta

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